The Golden View

The Golden View
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  • AMA10447
  • Sabine zur Nedden, Simone Alz
  • 9783938656952

  • 356 Seiten

Your eyes will be opened… An unsuspecting Mr Allman goes to visit Dr Seer and is introduced to... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Golden View"

Your eyes will be opened…
An unsuspecting Mr Allman goes to visit Dr Seer and is introduced to a secret method that sets his life on a completely new course: THE GOLDEN VIEW.
By sharing his emotive story, Mr Allman lets us in on this secret and recounts how he learns to view his daily existence and life as a whole in an entirely new way. What starts out as a quest for answers turns into a journey of personal transformation.
You too will experience first-hand the unconventional power these dialogues have to pull you in and make a deep and lasting impact on your life. In this way, everything that Mr Allman learns and discovers with the help of his mentor is directly transferred to you, the reader.
THE GOLDEN VIEW reveals to us previously unseen perspectives on our existence, the people we encounter and the events that happen to us every day – and will elevate your life to a whole new level, too.

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